Sunday, January 04, 2009

Dog play

January 4, 2009 pano

I took another pano this afternoon, on our way back from a long walk and play. The dogs are exhausted and have been laying down sleeping ever since we got home (sleeping all the time except for eating their supper, that is). Tawny was playing with her ball and Taz was carrying his "bone" (rawhide roll) around - you can't really see it in this photo because it is a panorama. You can see that I didn't take enough photos for this panorama, as there is black areas in the sky. (I am experimenting with different software to try to fill that in, but am not expecting anything.)

This is a close-up of Tawny with her ball. It is actually a ball that came out of a well-used Water Wubba. Basically the material holding the two balls together (a tennis ball and this ball) were the things that made the Wubba float. We can't quite figure out why Tawny likes this ball so much - maybe it's the texture? or that it makes a wheezing sound when she bites on it? or that it is so big that she has to keep her mouth open wide (like at the dentist)?

Here's a photo of Taz carrying the rawhide. Pictures of Taz don't turn out too well except in quite bright light conditions, as you can see from this photo.

I discovered this morning that we had another bit of roof damage from the high winds last week. You can see a tab of the shingle is missing below the first leg of the H in "Here". I guess I will need to purchase another tube of that roofing repair stuff. I think I still have a tab from another shingle that I can use to fill in the gap.

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