Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fun winter day

This is a view of the Christmas lights we put up outside. I have several strings of red lights that run along the driveway, these help me know where the driveway is when I am doing the snowblower when it is dark and the snow is blowing. On the tree I had hung up several strings of red, green, purple, and pink. I have no idea why the purple ones look blue and the pink ones look purple. If you know, please leave a comment. These are all the LED lights, so the colours are nice and bright and pure.

We went for a walk on the lake. Tawny, Taz, and Max had a fun time running and sniffing.

We saw these bush wolf tracks when we were walking on the lake. We know they are bush wolf tracks because Freda saw the wolf crossing the lake this morning.

The wind made interesting sculptures in the snow. The weather had been very cold, so the particles of snow were quite fine and could blow around quite easily. In some places, the drifted snow was quite dense and could easily support Tawny and Taz without them breaking through.

Tawny and Max sniffing, because that's what dogs do best (besides eating, and besides looking cute, and besides sleeping, and besides playing, and besides... well, you get the idea).

Here we are walking home, and Max is jumping around Tawny, who is tired and doesn't appreciate his energy, she probably was thinking, "Youth is wasted on puppies." Taz had lots of energy to growl at Max, telling him to behave in dog talk.

Some Downy woodpeckers have been visiting our feeder. Although they have eaten at the bell shaped seed hanging in the orange mesh bag, they prefer the suet feeder. We have seen these woodpeckers banging away at some older trees in our "forest", and also on other peoples' property.

After a hard day's play, it's time for sleep.

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