Monday, February 21, 2011

Another update

Freda found the camera but I still can't post photos as my computer isn't set up. Hopefully in a few days.

We ended up taking down the one wall that I intended only to replace the panelling with drywall because some of the wood was rotten (was in direct contact with the concrete and there had been a water leak at some point previously. All of the basement now has R-25 in the walls - and something like R-30 in the floor headers. The R-25 is achieved at by 1" of foam glued to the concrete (R-5) and then R-20 fiberglass batts in a 2x6 wall on 24" centers. I didn't actually need 2x6 for strength so I just used 2x4s.

It is very cold again today, -18C now.

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