Thursday, February 03, 2011

Finish electrical and flooring lay down.

Today I installed the breakers in the panel, and most of the finish electrical. This photo shows that:
  • the lights were on a new circuit that is now energized
  • the lights/plugs have the Decora wall plates on them
  • Trimmed flooring to fit kitchen (not installed yet)
We are moving in on Saturday. What's happening to enable that:
  • Kitchen cabinets are being delivered on Friday morning and installed starting on Friday afternoon.
  • Kitchen appliances are being delivered on Saturday.
  • The bathroom floor has been grouted, as has the ensuite shower walls and most of the main bath walls (I didn't have the right grout for the main bath walls so have to get that this morning).
  • Still have to fill and sand the screw holes in the kitchen so the flooring can be laid down - must be done today so the cabinets can go in on Friday.
  • Still have to paint the bathrooms so the finish plumbing can be done on Friday afternoon.

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