Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Update on things

Not sure where the camera is but can't post photos anyway - sorry!

We now have an almost complete kitchen. The cabinets were installed before we moved in, the counters came in last Wednesday, the washer/dryer came on Friday and the plumber came on Monday to unplug the drain and hook up the kitchen sink. Yes, we did one load of laundry and discovered the drain didn't, well, drain, so had to wait for the plumber to come and snake out the drain. Because of that, he wasn't able to hook up the laundry vanity (ran out of time and he had a Valentine's Day thing to get to).

But that's okay, because they will have to come back to hook up the master bath ensuite sink. The counter guy couldn't cut the hole for the sink because we didn't have it, but then we discovered the sink was too big. The faucet is just over 7" tall, and the faucet deck on the sink was almost 3" tall, and that made it too tall so we wouldn't be able to open the medicine cabinet. So we had to find a smaller sink - found one by American Standard but it's 4 week delivery here in Canada so had to order it from the US for a 1 week delivery.

I have installed most of the door handles and some of the bathroom accessories (towel bars, paper holder, etc). Still have more to do. Have to repaint one wall in the ensuite before the shower doors come.

We took down almost the last of the panelling in the basement and discovered pathways and dens and food storage places in the insulation, obviously carved out by the mice that had lived here. We half-expected to find a dead mouse or two in there but didn't find anything.

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