Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Getting stuff done...

My friend Louis (who is helping me with the renovations) hurt his ribs when he was skating on the canal on Sunday, so he is out of commission for a while. Hoping I can dragoon someone else to help in the interim,

Today I did some more work on the patches on the window wall in the office/bedroom. I hope it is ready for priming tomorrow.

I cut and installed the cover for the electrical panel. It looks a lot neater now!

I also did the first drywall sponge sanding in the basement, and then did the 2nd coat of the mud. As I'm only doing 2 coats of mud in the basement level, the next coat will be the primer and the paint.

I picked up the sink yesterday, and the counter guy came and cut the opening today. Called the plumber but no callback yet. Called the glass shower guy and he is going to come on Tuesday morning to install the shower.

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