Thursday, January 06, 2011

Removing the fakeness

The living had two boxed in beams at the ceiling that sort of defined the living room. I didn't really care for them and took a peek under one to see what it was like, and found it was just fake. These photos are of the one by the front door.

After I took off the beam, I found a 2x4 by the door, where there had obviously been a wall. I took the 2x4 out but that created a hole, and I also discovered a great gale (as my mother would say) was blowing through that hole. So I got out the can of spray foam, and filled in the cracks. I taped some old flyters to the wall and on top of the half wall so that those surfaces wouldn't get wrecked if the spray foam dripped there. (It is like a crazy kind of crazy glue!)

This photo is after I took the taped up papers down and trimmed off the excess spray foam with a knife. I then filled in the hole with a piece of drywall, and started mudding it to blend it in to the rest of the ceiling. Sorry, I just realized that I don't have any photos of that so will have to take one.

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DMC said...

A built-in bookcase by the front door is useful, as it is a bit of protection from the outside, as well as filling it with books, like we had in Cameron St.