Friday, January 21, 2011

Jan 21st update

No photos today, sorry!

Today the plumber came to finish the rough-in work of the ensuite shower, main bath and laundry area, so we can put up the tile (bathrooms) and drywall (laundry). However he didn't have all the pieces he needed so he had to keep running out to get stuff and then he ran out of time to get it finished. He is coming back on Saturday at 9am to finish.

The kitchen cabinet guy came by to look at what we could do for the ensuite cabinet, and told me that the microwave plug was too low. We were just about to start mudding the kitchen so it'sa good thing he came buy. We removed the board, moved the plug and replaced the board. Then we mudded the kitchen. We had to move the big pile of trim to be able to do that.

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