Monday, January 17, 2011

Plumbing inspection passed

This is the bathtub with the shower valve rough-in installation complete.

The plumbing inspector didn't like the venting because the plumber had tied his 1 1/2" ABS pipe into an existing 1 1/4" copper. The copper vent turned in 1 1/2" in the attic space because another fixture had joined it, so the plumber just extended his vent to join that so it was 1 1/2" all the way. The inspector liked that and so he passed it.

Looking through the partition wall from the main bath into the ensuite. The wall with the shower fixture is now framed out, as is the base for the counter.

The electrical code requires a light at the top and bottom of stairs that are more than 4 steps. The inspector said that he wouldn't require me to install a light at the bottom of the stairs because (a) there are only 4 steps and (b) it is an old house that is just being retrofitted.

When I was trying to puzzle out why I couldn't get the lights to work with the existing wiring, I called a good friend, Richard, who is an electrician. Richard told me that the problem was that I didn't have a neutral at the light at the bottom of the stairs and that was the problem and said I would need to run a wire to carry the neutral down to the switch.. That's exactly what I did in the end. Thanks for your help figuring this out Richard!

In summary, the problem with trying to hook up another light was that I only had the hot (power) at the switch, I didn't have the neutral. This made it impossible to add the light at the base of the stairs. I thought it was better to have the light at the bottom of the stairs and Louis said it wouldn't be too difficult, so we fished a new wire from the light box at the ceiling above the back door down to the switch. So now we have proper (to current code) 3-way switches at the top/bottom of the stairs with lights. It is much nicer too, so Louis was absolutely right.

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