Monday, January 24, 2011

The last of the demolition

This is the ensuite bathroom. It looks a lot different with drywall! The grey stuff is cement board, a water-resistant backing for the tiles. We will put a waterproof membrane over top of that and then the tiles.

This is the main bath. I need to get more sound insulation for the partition wall.

This is the basement after the last evening of demolition. There were two small closets that were accessed from the stairs that I didn't like because I thought it was dangerous to be accessing closets through a small opening from the stairs. We are going to reframe the closets so they can be accessed from this level.

The area under the heating ductwork is going to be framed as a pantry and storage area for kitchen things. You can see David standing on the landing on the right (well, you can see part of him). He was kind enough to come over and help me with the demolition. Hopefully that is the last of it. Now I can call the guy with the dumpster trailer to come and pick everything up.

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