Monday, January 10, 2011

Landscape cleanup

The yard at this house was really overgrown so we had four dumpsters full of trees and debris carted away.

BEFORE: This is the row of cedars between our house and the house to the right (taken from our neighbour's driveway and looking towards our house).

AFTER: taken from the back of our house looking towards our neighbours driveway. The cedars and a fir tree are cut down, and a trench was dug to help channel any runoff away from our house.

AFTER: Now you can see the neighbour's shed, and about 5 stumps. The big stump just to the right of the white shed was an ugly old Manitoba Maple (weedy tree).

This photo was taken after the surveyor's had done their wor, you can see the stake they put in to mark the corner of the property. The manitoba maple stump will be taken care of next year.

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