Friday, January 28, 2011

Inside the house on Thursday and Friday

On Thursday, Mario and his crew finished installing the doors upstairs and doing the trim out. I think the doors look really sharp, and Mario did a good job with the trim in such a tight space.

On Friday, Louis was mudding all day (drywall) and I was doing running around, getting things, making phone calls, cleaning up, and then cleaning the tile in the ensuite in preparation for the grout. I thought the shower looked pretty good before, but it looks even better after being cleaned up.

Oh yes, a guy from Rossen Glass & Mirror came to take measurements for the shower enclosure.

This is what the floor looks like after it was cleaned up.

When I was cleaning the shower tiles, I accidentally knocked over my bucket of water and a lot of water poured down the drain, which is not connected! So that made a mess in the basement for me to clean up.

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