Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jan 26.2: More doors and trim

As you know, we had the drafty old windows replaced, and at the time I asked the boss if he would be interested in installing some doors and trim for us. He said yes, because he is not as busy in January as a lot of people don't like getting their windows and doors replaced in the cold weather. This is Nick, and he's a whiz with the caulk, patching the nail holes and caulking around the trim.

This is Mike, and he's cutting back the old baseboard as the new casing for the door is wider than the old stuff that we removed.

This photo shows Mario (the boss) at the bottom of the photo and Nick installing the new casing around the old windows. We replaced all the windows except for two - this big picture window in the living room and the big picture window in the dining room. They actually were in pretty good shape and there were no operators in the living room, and two small awning style windows in the dining room.

BONUS PHOTO: Removing the old baseboard unveils the original wall colour! (or one of the original wall colours). Wow.

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