Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Making Orange Braised Chicken with Vegetables

Today, I made Orange Braised Chicken with Vegetables for supper. I served it with Basmati rice, and we had salad too.

The recipe was actually from a Weight Watcher cookbook. I was looking through the cookbooks to find a recipe to make with chicken breast, and this was one that caught my eye.

Freda really liked it, and said she liked it the most of all of the things I have made so far. I thought the orange flavour was too strong, but that is because I put too much orange zest in.

I guess that's even though... I used consomme instead of chicken broth. and italian seasoning instead of basil. and lemon and pepper salt instead of salt. and crushed croutons instead of Italian-seasoned breadcrumbs. and broccoli instead of leeks. and mushrooms instead of carrots. and no celery. and no dry vermouth either.

Overall, out of the 14 total ingredients, I changed 7 (including the excess orange zest) and ignored 2 of them. And it still turned out quite well.

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