Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bathroom draperies - finished!

We finished the curtains today - this is that story.

We hung up the sheer panels. Well, I started doing it. I hung up one panel, and then I hung up the second panel. Then I noticed another panel folded up at my feet in the tub (I was standing in the bathtub when I was doing this). I said to Freda, this is so strange - there are three panels in this package!!! And then I realized that when I hung up the second panel, I had actually taken the first panel and slipped the hem on the rod. That was very funny!

There was only one package of the blue panel curtains (two panels in the package) at Fabricland, so we had to make do with one. Fortunately we didn't want to cover the window with the drapes, because we just wanted to have the blue drapes hanging at the sides. Before we cut anything, we hung the drapes up to see what it looked like (above).

Instead of cutting the blue panel in half vertically, as was our original plan, we decided we would cut it in half horizontally, so we would convert our two full-width panels into four full-width panels instead of our originally plan of having four half-width panels. So we cut the panels in half and were going to sew them, and then we remembered that we had some no-sew hemming material that came with some curtains we bought at Ikea some time ago. Here I am ironing out the wrinkles in the curtains after Freda ironed the bottom seam.

And here is the finished product - this photo is actually a panorama as the camera doesn't have a wide enough angle to take in the full scene. We are quite pleased with the result.

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