Friday, January 22, 2010

Beautiful day

The day dawned with an overcast sky, so it wasn't too beautiful. But Mother Nature left us a beautiful gift overnight with glittering hoar frost decorating the trees, shrubs, bushes, fence, etc. This photo was taken around 11am, so the sun had melted the hoar frost from the east-facing side of things.

Today was quite mild, only -4C, and the afternoon sun helped make it feel quite nice. This photo was taken just down the road, where the warmth was making the snow and ice (from our freezing rain about two weeks ago) slide off the roof of the barn. This horse will have to watch his head when he goes into the barn.

Update: I decided to submit this horse photo to the Weather Network... :)

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Anonymous said...

You should have submitted the photo of the hoar frost too, as that is lovely.