Saturday, January 23, 2010

Drywall repair

Shortly after we moved into this house, we heard a scratching inside a wall. So I cut a hole in the closet (taking care to make it rectangular so it would be easier to repair) to open up the wall and discovered a little mouse. So now I am repairing the hole. First, I screwed some short pieces of wood strapping behind the existing drywall, and then I screwed the small piece to the strapping. I applied some self-adhesive drywall repair tape over the joint.

The next step was to apply some drywall repair compound and let it dry. Then I will give it a light sanding and another coat of compound. This photo was taken after the first application of the drywall compound.

I forgot to take a photo on Thursday after I painted the trim. This was the one area by the stairwell. It looks pretty good.

This is the other trim in the powder room - looks perfect!

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