Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ice fishing fantasy

This morning when I was walking the dogs, we saw someone was ice fishing. This was fascinating to Tawny and Taz. Sometimes, when someone has been fishing and they are off-leash, Tawny and Taz run down to the ice and enjoy sniffing around the fishing holes and perhaps even the areas where fish had been caught and were laying on the ice.

Panorama, January 20th

You can see that the photo stitching software isn't perfect as it made Taz's head very skinny. That is understandable because his head as at the edge of the photo (see above) and was incomplete in that photo and he had moved by the time I took the adjacent photo.

As it took a minute or so to take all the photos for the panorama, Tawny decided to make herself comfortable and sit down while she was watching the fisherman... You can tell that I got their collars mixed up this morning, because Tawny is wearing Taz's collar here. Taz's collar is a solid moss green, and Tawny's collar has some decorations on it.

This is a NASA panorama photo, composited from many images from the Mars Spirit rover. Even NASA's photo stitching software isn't perfect - look at the top of the 'mast' (upper right corner of the image), and you can see it is partly cut off.

This photo is from the NASA web site, and was dated Dec 29, 2008. I think it is truly amazing to be able to see the surface of Mars like this, including the wheel tracks from the rover. This photo also is a good one to show the fine Martian dust that is covering the solar cells.

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