Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Snake poop

Purolator came to deliver a package. I was mowing the back lawn and saw the truck coming down Howie so I came out to the front and waited for him to arrive.

After I signed for the package, I was taking it into the house and I noticed this little mess on the garage floor. "What is that?", I pondered. Then I saw a snake slithering away a few feet away, and am speculating that the snake got scared and defecated etc.

I had a bent iron bar that surveyors use, so I used that to coax the snake outside. Then I closed the garage door. This is a a photo of the snake, and it looks like it is an Eastern Garter snake (also known as grass snake). Garter snakes are famous for releasing a smelly musk when scared, so that may have been what it did...

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