Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Deer, Blue Jays, baby Robins, and more!!

We saw a deer on the other side of the lake when we were walking the dogs this morning. This photo turned out surprisingly well.

The Blue Jays like sunflower seeds, so they frequent the area around the feeder that I stock with sunflower seeds. Here the Blue Jays are happily sharing the sunflower seed bounty with starlings and red winged blackbirds. I've been trying to get a photo of the red wing blackbirds in flight, as the brilliant red flashes on their wings are so pretty, but haven't been successful as yet...

This Downy Woodpecker seems to think the markings on this 4x4 post are from insect holes. It discovered that there are no insects in this post. I think it thinks that things that look like holes are suitable for finding insects because it then went over to the goldfinch feeder...

Here's the robin on the nest - this photo was taken about 12:30pm today (June 29th). You can see the beaks of the babies just below the red feathers of the adult robin.

A hungry baby robin, bravely sticking its beak up - hoping for food.

No wait -- there are at least two baby robins in the nest!

FEED ME!!!!!

The mama and papa robins are busy hopping all over the lawn, hunting for bugs to feed their hungry family.

The view from the bedroom window. Very pretty!! And quite close to the bird feeds too, so I can get some good photos.

This is definitely a male American Goldfinch, but I think this one is a juvenile as it is quite small and the yellow feathers are not yet gloriously intense yellow.

As I was snapping photos of the birds, I saw this little fellow pop his head up from the rocks. Taz likes trying to catch this chipmunk. Although he managed to catch one last year, even his speed is woefully inadequate to be regularly successful at it. But at least he likes the thrill of the chase. :)

Ah, finally, a really cute photo! Doesn't this remind you of a Beatrix Potter painting?

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