Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A collection of birds

Wild Turkey, checking out the sunflower seed remains under the feeder at the back. (May 22/10)

Starlings at the sunflower seed feeder

Finally! I capture a photo of a Blue Jay!! I didn't quite get all of its tail, but I really really like this photo!!

Dove with ruffled feathers


Blue Jay (its a young one!) and a Brown Headed Cowbird

Downy woodpecker

a juvenile Cardinal!! This photo isn't very good because the only camera that I had at hand was the old camera. At least I was able to get a photo of it!

And here's a 2nd photo that I was able to capture before it flew away.

Some kind of moth that was hanging upside down on our window for almost a whole day. It looks like it is missing one of its main antennae. I tapped on the window to see if it was still alive and it flew off.

A macro photo of an ant on a lilac bloom. I haven't taken many macro photos - you can tell as this photo is a little fuzzy.

I thought this was a funny scene - the two doves were poking their heads up above the plants every few seconds, like a Jack-in-the-Box, keeping a watch out for the bad guys I guess.

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