Tuesday, April 27, 2010

They're baaaaaaack!!!

No, it's not a horror movie.

We have a pair of robins that are trying to nest in our porch area. Here they are gathering some dried grass (I cut the lawn on the weekend) to make their next. The male bird is quite a big fellow!

They're baaaaaaaaack!!!!!

Yes, the American Goldfinches are back!!! I filled up the feeders and set them out about the middle of last week, but we hadn't seen the goldfinches return. We thought that perhaps it was a bit too early, and that seems to have been the case because this is the first pair that we have seen. The larger, brightly coloured bird (at the bottom of the photo) is the male, and the female is the smaller duller yellow colour (at the top of the photo, looking down).

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