Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring == Yard work + baby animals

I showed you the time lapse photos of redoing the main part of the 'flower' bed in front of the garage, where we removed the stones, removed and discarded the old lansdcape fabric and replaced it with new fabric (two layers with big overlaps between them), and then replaced the stones after screening them to eliminate the dirt and plant material that contaminated the stones and gave lots of places for weeds to grow in.

The following photos show the completion of the project.

This is the 'before' photo. You can see the fabric is sticking up in a few places. Except for the weeds, the few plants are not too lively (okay I admit it, they are dead!). In general, it doesn't look very good.

This photo was taken after removing the stones. I pulled off the top layer of stones onto the pathway. However, the stones were too contaminated with dirt and plant material so I ended up screening all the stones and then dumping them into the garbage can. Some of the stones were so dirty (since they were embedded in the dirt) that I had to hose them off.

This is after the landscape fabric was put down and the stones were replaced. I got two large rocks to make the garden appear more interesting. We are planning on putting a large pot on top of the stones between the two rocks. Nothing really grows well in this spot, since it is in shade all the time and it gets a lot of wind. That's a shame since the soil in this garden bed is nice and rich!

Okay, springtime is time for baby animals. Here is a photo of some tiny calves and their mommas, I presume.

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