Sunday, April 25, 2010

More hard work - and a pretty sunset

This weekend we tackled a big job. We had some landscaping done when we moved in and the landscapers didn't do a very good job with putting down the landscape fabric before putting down the stones. So we had a LOT of weeds growing in the flower bed. In some places, there was a 4- or 6-inch gap between the edges of the lanscape fabric. On top of all that, we had some mint growing in there, and mint is the weediest plant that ever lived!

First we pulled all the rocks off the old lanscape fabric and then we pulled up the old landscape fabric (and as many weeds as we could) and put it in a garbage bag.

Then Freda transplanted some plants to fill in a few 'holes' in the flower bed.

Then we started putting down the landscape fabric and weighting it down with stones and a few garden tools. This represents about 13 hours of work, between Freda and me. We stopped at this point and went and got a burger at Wendy's.

We completed putting the landscape fabric down and put back the rocks, being careful not to put all the dirt that was on top of the old landscape fabric as well. This last part took approximately another 5 1/2 hours. I took this photo after I swept all the dirt off the path, but before hosing it off.

All in all, about 18 1/2 hours work. Besides the very much improved flower bed, our backs and legs and hands are sore as well -- bonus!

But the ultimate reward...

Freda and I went out after supper to admire the result of our hard work, and also to enjoy the wonderful sunset!

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