Monday, April 05, 2010

28C and loving it!

Ottawa set a new record high this weekend. It was something like 13C above the previous high. Wow!

Of course, the dogs loved it. We threw the Kong into the water a bit for Tawny. We threw the Kong on the hill about half the time because the water is still quite cold, and we don't want Tawny to get cold tail again.

I plunked a few pebbles into the water, and so Taz thought it was time to go hunting for tadpoles!! Very funny boy, Taz!

Meanwhile, the Canada Geese are swimming lazily along, obviously unconcerned by the canine antics... :)

Of course, after a nice swim and run, there's nothing better than chewing on a fresh rawhide roll. Here Tawny is enjoying a fresh new rawhide.

Taz, being a big dog, of course wants to chew a little piece of a rawhide roll. Very amusing!

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