Saturday, April 03, 2010

Cleaning the deck

Our large deck is made of cedar, but cedar turns gray as it ages which isn't all that beautiful. It was so nice this weekend that we were going to get the patio furniture out. But before we did that, I decided to clean the deck before we put the furniture out. Here you can see the sprayer, the stiff broom, and the hose are ready to go.

This photo was taken after I had finished the cleaning, but before it had completely dried. The gray has gone, and is now a nicer, paler colour. Of course, when it is wet it will look lovely.

Here is a photo after the deck has dried and ready for us to put the patio furniture out tomorrow.

Of course, after working hard, it is a good idea to relax and enjoy the view!! Taz is demonstrating how to do just that!


Angelina Garcia said...

A big change, indeed! What did you use to clean your whole deck? Was it oxygen bleach, or did you simply brush it with soap? Well, try to apply some wax on it, so that it would've a glossy finish. :)

Mark said...

Hi Angelina,

I used a product called Wood Renewer. It's not as harsh as bleach and isn't hard on any plantings.