Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's not too big!!

Tawny took off around the lake on Wednesday. We were quite displeased with her, because Taz followed, of course. Taz is not supposed to do a lot of running because it hurts his knee, and he is limping quite a bit now. He was actually laying on the floor in the hallway, whimpering because he couldn't get up. We have had to put a number of mats and carpets down to give him more grip with his feet.

Anyway, back to Tawny. When we found her, she was very muddy and wet! We threw a stick into the water a few times so that she would swim to get it, and get a bit cleaner in the process. That worked a treat. Then she decided that she would show us what a good dog she is by clearing a huge log off the hill. I don't know how she could possibly pick the log up in her mouth, it is so huge!

Of course, Tawny has always enjoyed sticks. She once destroyed a mock orange shrub in our back yard at Speers.

Okay, the puppy photo isn't really Tawny. It is Chandler, but Chandler looks the spitting image of Tawny when she was a puppy. You can see more of Chandler here at the

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