Monday, March 15, 2010

What a difference!!

We have been doing a major spring cleaning - including decluttering, tidying up, and cleaning. These are their stories. (Apologies to Law & Order.. haha)

This is the office. We have put a bed in their instead of the couch, and the office desk is pristine and neat, and looks much much better!

I got rid of a huge pile of papers and cardboard - which all went out to the recycle. The basement is now quite open and clean!!  I have swept the floor once already, but need to go over it with the shop vac so we don't track dust upstairs after being in the basement. 

Freda and I cleaned out some of the detritus of winter yesterday, including sweeping the garage. I moved the big piles of cardboard for the recycling before I took this photo!! The little pile of wood flooring on the garage floor, just to the right of the canoe, is going to a friend who has a wood fireplace and can burn it. It's a shame, because it's new flooring but it's only 50 square feet of it, which isn't enough to do much with... At least burning it is better than it going to to the dump.

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