Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lost camera

Well, I appear to have lost or misplaced Freda's camera. That's too bad because I had some really nice photos on it that I took yesterday. :( Fortunately I still have my old camera which is somewhat functional. It takes decent photos still, but only if the zoom setting is in the middle. That will limit the kind of photos that I can take, but at least I can still take them. I do hope that I can find Freda's camera though, here's hoping... :)
I took this photo this morning so you can see the progress for the ice receding on the lake... I had guessed that we would see open water this weekend. It is still possible -- will have to see.
I have three wooden stakes that I cleaned up and am painting Fire Red. It is a rust paint, but it is suitable for wood also. Once I have put a 2nd coat of paint on them, I am going to use them to mark the back property boundaries.

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