Monday, March 01, 2010

Jam warning!!!!



It is labelled Nutrafruit, is from Bosnia and Herzegovinia, and the ingredients are Blackberries, Sugar, Citric acid, and Pectin.

It sounds alright, but it is not good jam.

The texture is like that awful jam you get in the little packets in cheap restaurants - you know where the texture is like jelly but is a bit gritty like it had corn meal added to it. But as awful as that is, the texture is probably the best part of this jam! The flavour is non-existent, and I think they must have added food colouring to get the jam to be the dark blue/purple colour that it was. And there were occasional chunks of grittiness in it, as if they chopped up bits of twigs to add a little something extra....

Actually, the texture isn't the best part about the jam. The lid is the best part - it is very pretty and colourful too!!!

I actually threw the jam in the garbage and now the rinsed-out jar is in the recycle bin. I didn't even ask Freda about it, but I know she would have approved.

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