Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Saskatchewan winter day

What is a Saskatchewan winter day? Simply put, a bright sunny cloudless blue-sky day, that is not too cold. Well, maybe it would be colder in Saskatchewan after all. It was -10C this morning, and is now -7C. Gorgeous day.

This is Chula (not sure how to spell her name - Spanish for "pretty girl"). This was the third day we gave her the baby aspirin and she seems to be in less pain now -- that's how we interpret her "hobbling along" type of walking.

Chula likes to walk on the leash, and Freda has Tawny and Taz off leash here. Toffee is on the other side of the road, see below.

Toffee is sniffing in the grass here. She is in her own world, sniffing everywhere!

It is such a gorgeous day, I have to show you a pano. Here it is -- not a cloud in the sky. Temp -10C, very light wind.
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