Monday, February 16, 2009

Feb 16th - Family Day

February 16th was Family Day in Ontario, the 2nd year for the Provincial stat holiday. About time, as it is a long gap between New Year's and Easter...

Pano - sunset. Brilliant sunset tonight.

Toffee loves getting her belly scratched. Here I was rubbing her tummy with one hand and trying to take a photo with the other. Two attempts and missed her head both times... Whoops!

We tried to get all teh dogs to sit for a photo. Chula has a hard time sitting, so we settiled for the three (L-R), Toffee, Taz, Tawny.

Toffee is a pretty girl and likes to snuggle with people. Here she is resting her heavy bony head on Colleen's lap.

Here is Toffee cuddling with Emma.

Emma loves dogs. She was playing with all of them earlier. We have all the mats all over the place to help Chula out, she finds the floor quite slippery and the mats help her walk without her feel slipping out from underneath here.

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