Sunday, February 15, 2009

A beautiful sunny Sunday morning

We took the four dogs out for the morning walk today. It was beautiful sunny morning, but the wind was cold. We had a ball throw toy for each of the labs (Tawny and Toffee), and a rawhide roll ("bone") for Taz.

Toffee liked running around with the ball in her mouth. Tawny would bring the ball to us for us to throw it for her.

We have discovered that when Taz has a "bone" he won't steal the toys from Tawny. So now we always make sure that he has a rawhide roll when we go out.

We had some neighbours over on Friday night who have a couple of senior dogs. They told us that you can give aspirin to dogs to help with their arthritis. Since Chula is 15, she is well past the senior stage even. Freda bought a bottle of low dose aspirin and we are going to try giving her one pill a day. She has had two pills so far, and Chula actually does seem to be moving a bit better, which is amazing!

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