Monday, February 02, 2009

Caution: Dogs at Play

Tawny loves playing catch, with a frisbee, ball, stick, anything really. She really likes things she can catch which means we try not to throw sticks because she could injure herself or get splinters in her mouth or caught between her teeth (yes, she has had this happen). We have a "frisbee" that is made from a firehose material that is supposed to be very tough. That's an admirable quality since dogs are very tough on their toys. Unfortunately the firehose frisbee doesn't actually fly like a frisbee too well. However, it is very flexible and there are several ways that the dogs can pick it up, so they both like it. Here, I luckily happened to catch Tawny running with the firehose "frisbee" - you can see her ears flapping in the breeze!

When Tawny gets tired, she sits down on the road and waits for you to throw the frisbee to her. Very funny!

Our neighbour came out with his dog Vasha and Taz and Tawny had a little play. Taz was preoccupied with chewing on his "bone" (rawhide roll) so he didn't play too long.

We walked down to see the horse Cooper, but sadly this was the best of the photos. Just as I went to take the photo, as I was petting his nose, he jerked his head up and all I got was this extreme close-up - haha!!
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