Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend of nice weather and accomplishments

February 26, 2010 pano

You can see Tax and Tawny at the far left of the photo. One of Taz's ears looks funny - he must have been flipping his head around when I took this photo.

Tawny doing 'frog dog' in the snow and enjoying the sniffs. She really likes laying in the snow in the spring.

Tawny panorama - February 26, 2010

We cleaned up the basement this weekend. We took the bed upstairs after this photo was taken.

Yep, had to wear shorts today when we took the dogs out for their afternoon walk as it was so warm. No gloves, and didn't zip up my coat either. I had Taz on the leash because it took off for a big run in the morning and strained his leg.

We were dogsitting Max (little black schnauzer) this weekend. I tried to get a photo of Tawny catching the Kong, and this is as close as I could get. She did just catch it in this photo, and it's a great one of Max running too.

February 28, 2010

This plane flew really low overhead when we were out with the dogs.

When I was trying to turn the flash off so I could take a photo of the plane, I somehow got this pre-made border set up. That's why the photo of the plane shows it flying away from us. Anyway, after all that excitement, I took a photo to see what it looks like.

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