Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Cooking catchup

Flatbread Pizza - February 1st

This started life as a pizza kit - that's just the flatbread and the tomato sauce. I cut up green and red peppers, added some roasted chicken breast, and topped it with cheese - shredded old cheddar and some provolone. This was pretty good and we will make this again.

Almost KFC Fried Chicken - February 2nd

I didn't quite make this according to the recipe - which is from the book 330 Top Secret Restaurant Recipes. I used boneless skinless chicken breast and, in order to reduce calories, I didn't brown it in "half inch of vegetable oil" -- I just used a couple of tablespoons instead. Also, I didn't know what the recipe meant when it said "seal with flour" meant so I just dusted the chicken with flour before putting it in the oven.

The chicken tasted a lot like KFC, but was much less greasy. Overall, this recipe was FABULOUS!!! And I would definitely make it again.

PS: Did you notice the old-style KFC font that I used to label the photo??

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