Thursday, February 04, 2010

Basement update

I've been preparing part of the basement walls for painting.

This is one of the walls. When the house was built, the drywallers only did the taping and the first coat of the drywall mud. So I applied a coat of drywall mud, sanded it, and then another coat of mud and sanding.

This is the area right by the stairs. You can see, at the far right side of this photo, the ground wire is fasted to a 1x4 that is fastened to the wall. That needed to be cleaned up a bit.

I bought a wire cover at Rona. It was in two pieces, a piece with double-sided tape that sticks to the wall and another piece that snaps on top. I can't put the bottom piece completely underneath because the ground wire is stapled to the 1x4, so I cut the bottom parts into pieces that fit under the wire between the staples.

This is a closeup in the process of installing the bottom part of the wire cover.

This is what the wire cover looked like after I snapped the top piece on. It looked a lot better, except fro the side where you could see these gaps, which was kind of ugly.

As I was caulking the joints, I decided to apply cauk to the gaps (shown above). It looks a lot better.

And this is what it looks like from an overall view. It definitely looks a lot better, and should almost totally disappear once it is painted.

Since the plaster prep is completed, it is time for the caulking, of course, to fill the cracks and nail holes in the trim around the windows and door.

The trim looks a lot better after caulking.

The next step is to paint primer on the drywall, then a colour coat on the walls, and then paint the trim to finish it up.

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