Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More lake inhabitants

I posted a few photos of a turtle on May 30th, we have seen that turtle swimming in the water several times since. It's amazing how fast it can go underwater!

Beaver feeding station - note the trees that the beavers have stuffed into a hole by the entrance to their den.

I tried to take a photo of juvenile Great Blue Heron, but my camera takes too long to turn on and by the time I took this photo it had flown around the stand of trees in the centre of the photo. A juvenile Great Blue Heron is light brown in colour.

We have thousands of these little fellas in the lake. I saw an unfortunate one that had died, and could see that their legs were starting to form, but I don't think you can call them froglets yet.

This is a dead catfish that was being muched on by a bird. There are dozens of dead catfish all around the lake. It appears that it may be a bacterial disease, but it is not clear.

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