Monday, June 16, 2008

Another big rainstorm

Before the storm - well this really was at the start of it. You can see the rain has started to come down fairly heavily, but the hail hasn't arrived yet. Some people were swimming by the beach on the opposite side of the lake, and were on the finger island. They stayed there for a minute or two, but when the rain and the wind increased in intensity, they obviously thought it was too much and decided to get out of the water and stood under the small clump of trees.

During the storm - the rain and hail was pelting down like you wouldn't believe. Fortunately the hail stones were small so not too much damage was done to Freda's rosebushes.

After the storm - the hail. It was roundish and a bit lumpy.

I think American Goldfinches are one of the prettiest birds I have seen around here. After the storm, they all came out around the feeder. You can count 8 of them in this photo (the bright yellow ones are the males, and the muted colour birds are the females). Yesterday, I counted 12 of them on and around this feeder!

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