Friday, May 30, 2008

other lake habitants

We have seen this turtle several times. Fortunately, the dogs are only curious and just sniff it and then leave it alone. The blue thing is a dog leash which I put into the photo for scale, so you can see how large the turtle is. The leash is 1" wide, so the turtle must be 5-6" long.

This is a photo of the face of the turtle. The nostrils remind me of some of the various alien species seen on Star Trek and other sci-fi shows. I didn't realize that turtles had such long nails. I wonder where they get their manicures.

This is Tawny and Taz, waiting and watching for Freda. They may have seen or heard a car drive down the road around the time that Freda gets home from work.

This is the eastern bluebird that has nested in our bluebird box. Sorry for the fuzzy photo but I hope that you can make out that it has a meal for the little uns it is raising - which certainly is good news!

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