Monday, June 16, 2008

Big storm - the aftermath

Another view of the storm - showing the heavy rain and hail and the

The aftermath of the storm - severe erosion to the road.

When the storm blew the pot off the steps, it broke the Martha Washington geranium off at the roots. That was very disappointing as that geranium had a whole bunch of buds on it, and the leaves are so interesting.

You might think this photo is to show that the flower bed that was the groundhog's dinner is recovering after that gastronomical meeting. But it isn't really. Look at the pot on the top of the stairs. Can you see how much it is bulging? Those post didn't have drainage holes in them and the pot was so full of water that it made the pot bulge. We went out there and put a few nail holes in the bottom of the pots. It will take a while for the saturated water to drip out of the pot.
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