Saturday, March 08, 2008

Still snowing!

Photo taken about 11pm on Saturday March 8th.

This photo is taken out of the laundry room door. There are four steps down from the porch to ground level. On the left of the photo, you can see the arm of a cedar bench sticking up. This makes the snow drift on the porch at least 2 feet deep. The amazing thing (that you can't really see in the photo) is it looks like the level of snow is about the same as you go out beyond the steps so that means the snow is very very deep there.

As of Thursday morning we had received 355 cm of snow. From the Ottawa Citizen (Thursday March 6th):

About 355 centimetres of snow have fallen in the region this year, second only
to the winter of 1970-71, when we got 444.1 centimetres of snow.

As of 9am today (Saturday), we had received almost 20 cm of snow, and the worst was expected this afternoon. Well, it started snowing about 12:30 and hasn't stopped yet. It would not surprise me if we did receive 50 cm of snow (that's about 20 inches, or almost 2 feet.)
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