Monday, March 10, 2008

The official snowfall this weekend: 51cm

The official snowfall for this weekend was 51cm. That puts the total snowfall for this winter at 406 cm (depending on which source I use for the 'before' snowfall total). The snowfall record is held by the winter of 1970-71, when Ottawa received a massive 444.1 cm.
First snowfall: Nov. 20, 2007
Number of days since first snow: 111
Number of days with snow: 86 (77%)
Number of days without snow: 25
Number of days with snow cover: 111
Number of events with 10 or more centimetres: 11
Average number of 10-plus-centimetre events: 4

Tawny is walking on the snowbank built by the snowblower. This snowbank is so dense that the dogs can walk on top of it without sinking in.

And it also makes a handy bench.

Tawny loves the Frisbee as well as the Kong.

This is the bend in the road. The guy who plows the road has made (at least) six passes here already, but the snow is so deep it hardly looks like anything has been done.

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