Sunday, March 30, 2008

Acrobatic Tawny

Tawny sprinting to catch the frisbee (caught it on the bounce).

An all-out sprint to get the frisbee again.

Tawny has just caught the frisbee (it is sticking out of her mouth, on the left side)

About to catch the frisbee.

Both Tawny and Mister Taz are as pleased as punch with their retrieving capabilities!

Mister Taz jumping up in the air, acting like the coon dog he is that has treed a critter.

Both Tawny and Mister Taz chasing the frisbee. (Tawny caught it.)

Tawny sprinting to catch the frisbee ahead of Mister Taz. Notice Tawny is kicking up a pile of snow with her energetic sprinting.

Freda throwing a piece of wood for Tawny. Tawny completely understand physics - she deserves a PhD. Tawny understands the forces of gravity, aerodynamics, influence of wind on flying objects, etc.

Catching another frisbee throw.

The dogs were both exhausted after all the play!

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