Saturday, March 08, 2008

Say 'Hello' to Taz

This is Taz. Please say hello to him. He is very happy to see you. Taz is part Coon Hound, and part something else - we think it is either German Shepherd or perhaps Great Dane. In any case, he is a very friendly dog. He is tall and slender -- that's the hound in him -- and his tail is a coffee table weapon of mug destruction (just like Tawny).

We are currently fostering Taz for BARK -- Bytown Association for Rescued Kanines -- although we may adopt him.

Taz came to us on Friday evening, and spent most of the evening (and night!) trotting around the house and whimpering, looking for the previous foster mum. Of course, because Taz has such long legs, his trotting sounded like running.

Taz obviously came from someone who treated him well and trained him well. When you let Taz in from outside, he will sit and let you wipe his paws without any complaints. It is quite unfortunate that his nails are so long that one of them has actually broken. Freda tried to clip his nails (she clips Tawny's nails every week) but he didn't like it. So we called one of our neighbour's who daughter does dog grooming, and she will come over some day next week and do them for us.

Tawny was the last one to settle down for a nap today.
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david santos said...

Excellent posting, Mark!
I love dogs.