Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Weekend of destruction (part 1)

We took possession of our new house on Thursday. Before we even got the keys, I had cut down the huge shrubs/trees by the post light. On Friday, some friends came over and helped us with start with removing panelling (yesterday's post), drywall repair and painting. On Friday evening, some other friends came over to help us with the demolition in the basement, removing the old panelling, ugly stained and mismatching ceiling tiles, and taking out a non-load-bearing wall that separates the kitchen and dining room.

Here Freda is making the first hole in the wall from the kitchen to the dining room.

Removing the ceiling tiles in the basement. The paneling has already been removed from the wall on the right. It was very dusty so everyone was wearing dust masks.

Here you can see some of the aftermath.

This is an in-progress photo of the "bedroom" that was in the basement.

More later...

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