Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mayhem aftermath...

This is the result of the first day of mayhem.

In the "bedroom" in the basement, the walls of the closet are taken down, and the ceiling tiles are down. There were also glass tiles glued to the wall, and they are gone too. We took those down carefully so we wouldn't have shards of glass mixed in with the other debris.

The glass tiles are leaning against the wall in back corner (on the right). But this photo shows the mould that was growing on the drywall. First we cut off the bottom two feet of drywall and carefully bagged it. Everyone was wearing respirators during this step. Once the mouldy drywall was taken down, then the rest of the crew could go in and start their demolition.

Removing the wallpaper in the office exposed the various colours that this room has been painted. There were a lot of patches to be done because of all the naill holes from the paneling, but also just because.

The room that was a dark pea soup green also had lots of patches to be done.

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