Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Dream continues... a NEW dream house...

My devoted readers have certainly noticed a lack of updates on this blog. I apologize for that and can only say that is a direct result of us selling our previous dream house and purchasing a new dream house. This new dream house is significantly smaller than our old dream house (about the size that the old garage was!), but also needs significant renovations as it was built in 1959 and has never been updated.

The before photo: you can't really see the front door and a good part of the house. This photo is courtesy of Google Maps Streetview.

And after, now you can! This is 6 hours after taking possession. The post light also now can light up the area instead of being totally enveloped in the bushes...

I can't promise that I will make regular updates as to the renovation progress, but I will endeavour to do so. :)

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