Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Action in the water

Two families of Canada Geese with their babies. They like going up on the hill by the lake, but not too far from the water. Tawny likes chasing the geese, but the momma and papa keep a good watch so the always make it into the water with their babies before Tawny can reach them.

I've been trying to get an action shot of Tawny just entering the water and making a big splash. I haven't quite got it - it's quite hard to do that! This one is a fraction of a second early - she's just pushed off with her back legs to make a big jump for the Kong which has landed in the water a little bit ahead of her.

And this photo is a bit late. But it does show the amazing wake that she creates.

And this one is only marginally late. You can see how Tawny tilts her head up so she keeps her nose out of the water as she sinks down, just before she gets her forward momentum going.

"Oh, I'm so tired. I'm just going to stand here a moment with my eyes closed."

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