Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blanding's Turtle

Diary of a turtle.

May 29th: We came back from walking the dogs to find a turtle in our back yard! Here, it seems the turtle is trying to get camouflaged with the yellow Kong. Well, at least its neck matches... :) So I looked up the turtles of Ontario to identify the turtle.

Meet a BLANDING'S TURTLE. This is undoubtedly a female, because it was so far from the water. This is the description from Natural Resources Canada:
This medium-sized turtle is easily recognized by its bright yellow chin and throat and extremely long neck. It is sometimes called a "semi-box turtle" because of its high-domed shell and partially hinged plastron. Blanding's Turtles are a Threatened Species in Ontario and protected under Ontario's Endangered Species Act.

We walked up to the turtle.

She was scared so she pulled in her head, legs and tail. I was wearing a red shirt and turtles (a) have good vision and (b) are scared of red.

We think this was the same turtle that was trapped in our yard last year, so we 'walked' it out of the yard. They actually can move at a decent pace, I was surprised because I always thought turtles were very slow.

And walked...

Freedom! So we saved her from getting trapped in our backyard.

May 30th: The next day, we were very surprised to see the turtle again, but this time in the front yard.

Here she is again, we think she's looking for a place to lay her eggs.

A close up of Lady Turtle Blandings.

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